Just give me the chicken nugget.


One thing I learned about Beagles as I was preparing to own one was that they get fat. Because Beagles are scent hounds, they are driven almost relentlessly by their nose – this is what made them great hunting dogs originally. However, in modern times, when dogs are not required to run through the forest to find their meal, this can lead to problems (such as Beagles getting fat).

Sophie is a Beagle through-and-through. From the first time, the boy & I met Sophie we knew she was an eater. The boy called her a “chowhound” as she climbed over other dogs just to get one more tiny treat!

Those hush-puppy eyes don’t help either, because when she is not squirming her way into your plate she’ll just look at you – and since she is on the leaner side and could do to gain a few pounds (she currently weighs approximately 23lbs but you can see her ribs), you have to give in.

So far, Sophie seems to be indiscriminate – she loves all foods: Beneful, liver treats, Snausages, chocolate pudding, pasta, broccoli, Cape Cod chips (but only the flat ones, not the folded ones) and especially McDonald’s chicken nuggets (after all, she is my dog).

The only thing I have found that Sophie doesn’t eat is apples. I gave her an apple slice and she spit it out. Interesting. She’ll need to like those apples when she gets fat.


2 thoughts on “Just give me the chicken nugget.

  1. hi,
    congratulations on becoming a beagle owner!!! they’re awesome dogs and require a lot of patience and they definitely like to eat. 😊my sister and i would actually make our beagle, indy work for his treats with treat dispensing toy balls or we’d let him play ‘find it’ to enhance his sense of smell, provide him with him mental stimulation to decrease boredom and also provide exercise. he was a happy pup.

    i just wanted to also suggest looking into the effects of giving your beagle broccoli. we made the horrible mistake of giving indy broccoli for a few weeks and because of that it led to issues with his liver. mind you, we were always good with researching what foods we could give and not give but this was the one thing we overlooked and didn’t realize that is harmful to dogs. i just wanted to send you a message because dogs really do become part of our lives and a huge part of our hearts.
    best of luck to you, your family and your little loved one.

  2. Dear Sophie – you’re right. Apples are phooey! Green beans aren’t too bad though. Pumpkin is good too. Half a can of pumpkin in your food is yummy, almost like having gravy. And if your Mom makes you sit for treats, remember that your butt only has to kiss the ground and then come right back up again to count! Although I’m still trying to convince my own Mom that’s true.

    Our neighbors behind us used to tell my Dad that I was too fat too and how their beagle was so much better. Heh heh heh. You should see him now. He waddles pretty good that chubba bubba. They don’t say anything about my weight anymore.

    Your beagle friend in Virginia.

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